Welcome to Dent Plus

Clinic for Smiles

We offer our patients adequate treatments, customized according to specific problems, as well as complete solutions for prevention, prophylaxis and dental cosmetics, preventing further diseases that endanger dental health.

Starting more than 15 years ago, we have always offered our patients complete prophylaxis and prevention services, so that we are one step ahead of any diseases that may occur.

Our services are designed to care for patients, and our goal is to provide the highest quality treatments as well as flexible payment methods, such as equal, interest-free, monthly installments.

We are convinced followers of continuous development, which is why we are constantly upgrading with the latest news and innovations in the dental field.

We offer you not only a professional environment, but also the patience, comfort and attention necessary for each patient.

  • Patient satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Successful treatments 95% 95%
  • Patients recommend us 80% 80%

Reasons why we're widely favored

We believe in providing you with the best in dentistry

Work with Hearts

We care for your dental health with great compassion & understanding so that you can have the best smile.

Serve with Smile

The smile never fades on our doctors’ faces as they always want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable.

Help at Hand

We are ready to check for any teeth issue at our center and at any time of the day, even on weekends & holidays.

Precise Diagnosis

When your teeth are decayed or damaged, we use modern tools to detect the area and provide treatment.

Prevention first

We provide annual check-up for dental health conditions and offer many promotions for patients of our centers.

Flexible Installment

We allow periodic installments of purchasing costs in case patients are unable to afford the price of services.


We have the most modern dental equipment for an excellent care.

​Our entire activity is subject to rigorous procedures to maintain and improve the quality of services provided. You can benefit from the impeccable services of Dent Plus at the three offices, from where our staff will make sure that you leave with a smile on your face.

The Dent Plus team of doctors and specialists is permanently included in specialization programs, and those offices have high-performance equipment, which ensures the accuracy of each intervention, regardless of its complexity.


Our Professional & Friendly Dentists

The specialists at Dent Plus make efforts to provide gentle and caring treatments to ensure your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Dr. Said Ahmad


Dr. Katih Safwan


Dr. Mahdi Salam

Dental Prosthetics Specialist



These are just a few of the Dent PLUS patients. We thank them for their trust in our doctors and clinics.