Crowns and dentures

The dental crown is a coating that aims to completely restore a damaged tooth.

The perfect smile can help you get over life’s challenges more easily. However, most times, one or several missing teeth, as well as a dental problem may keep you from smiling wholeheartedly. The solution to your problem? Dental crowns or dentures – two of the most convenient methods for replacing one or several lost or bad teeth.

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Types of dental crowns

Dental crowns can be of several types, depending on the type of material and the purpose for which they were made.
  •  Full ceramic crowns. Porcelain crowns ensure high wear resistance, the greatest compatibility with neighboring tissues, excellent color stability and do not retain bacterial plaque.
    Aside from the aesthetic and hygienic advantages, full ceramic crowns do not pose the risk of gingival inflammation and completely exclude rejection reactions.
  •  Metal-ceramic crowns – consisting of a metal frame for strength and a ceramic coating.

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The benefits of ceramic crowns

  • Restores the damaged tooth – dental crowns can rebuild the tooth even in cases where it is affected in a proportion of over 50% (caries, fractures);
  • Face harmonization – dental crowns help restore teeth, harmonizing facial features;
  • Aesthetic and functional restoration of the tooth – immediately after the application of the dental crown the masticatory function is resumed;
  • Fast dental restoration – CAD / CAM dental crowns can be applied in one hour;

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Dental crowns

Frequent questions

Can I use full ceramic crowns if I have a metal pivot?

No, because the translucency of the full ceramic crown will allow the color of the pivot to show through, and you smile will be unaesthetic.

How much does a crown last?

In average, a dental crown lasts between 5 and 15 years, but it also depends on the materials, on the “wear” it is exposed to, on the oral hygiene, and on certain habits such as teeth grinding or nail biting.

What color will the crown be?

During your consultation, the specialist will help you decide on the most adequate color, so that the crown matches the rest of your teeth. If you notice slight differences, you may apply whitening procedures to the rest of your teeth, in order to fix the general appearance.


Is the process of preparing teeth for crown application painful?

Preparing teeth for some people can cause mild pain, while others do not cause any discomfort. It all depends on the patient, how close the nerve is to the outer surface of the tooth, etc. Before starting the process of preparing the teeth, the dentist will perform local anesthesia that has the role of numbing the area on which you are working and reducing any pain.

Will my crown look natural?

Absolute! Even if you need a single crown, it will be made to match the color of your teeth. And if you want to fix more teeth, we will guide you in choosing the right shade for a personalized smile (depending on factors such as age, skin color, hair color or even eye color!).



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