Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment consists of several phases: the initial non-surgical therapy, the surgical therapy and the maintenance phase.

You’ve surely heard talk about “periodontitis”. Periodontitis or periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums and bone, the tissues that support the teeth. Generally, patients that come to the dental practice with this grave problem require a periodontal treatment, which helps prevent the loss of their natural teeth.

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Periodontal treatment


The periodontal treatment aims to remove the causes of the disease, and to stop its evolution
  •  The first stage of periodontal treatment is the non-surgical one.
    This stage is composed of descaling and professional brushing, with the purpose of reducing plaque and the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity.
    The next step after descaling is subgingival curettage, which has the purpose of removing infection and tartar from the affected area. The procedure can be carried out under anesthesia.
  •  The second stage of the periodontal treatment is the surgical one, which may complement the non-surgical one, or may replace it if the infection is more advanced.
    Dental surgery is performed to clean the tartar and infected tissue parts from the areas that are not non-surgically accessible.
    The surgical treatment stage may also include bone addition or gingival grafts, where the bone or gingival tissue has been ground down due to the periodontal disease.

Laser periodontal treatment

    Modern dentistry is permanently attempting to find new methods of periodontal treatment that can reduce the discomfort induced to the patient.

    Laser periodontal treatment is one of the modern innovations, which ensures a few undeniable advantages:

    Adult patients are advised to visit a dental practice at least once a year, for an examination and investigations, so that if there are any signs of the periodontal disease, these can be fought off early, thus avoiding dramatic consequences.

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    Periodontal treatment

    Frequent questions

    Why do I need a periodontal treatment?

    Treatment becomes necessary when periodontal diseases affect the health of the gum and bone, which form the structure and support system of the teeth. If unhealthy gums first have unpleasant aesthetic effects, over time they may evolve towards the loss of the bone’s capacity to support the teeth. Periodontal diseases will not only affect your smile, but also your capacity to eat and speak.

    Is the periodontal treatment painful?

    You might experience a certain level of discomfort, but periodontal examinations are usually not painful. Furthermore, laser interventions are completely non-painful, and do not resemble the surgical interventions you might be accustomed to.

    Is the periodontal treatment expensive?

    Since every patient is different, our team will need to finalize the initial examination before being able to establish a treatment plan and any associated costs.



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